Some thoughts ahead of the SE conference

Tomorrow kicks of the annual EMC Australia/NZ Presales conference. This is an opportunity for us to shape the culture and look at how we build momentum for the coming year.

This year the feedback was overwhelming that the team wanted this to be a conference driven by the SEs – not a corporate top down event, but something the team built and created themselves.

As a leader of the Presales team this has been a huge learning lesson for me. When the team is given the opportunity to create something, and the flexibility to build what they think is right, magic happens. Tonight I previewed much of the content and had a look through what the team was building – and at the end of some of the content and videos I was in tears from laughter. I also saw amazing apps they had built, leveraged different ideas and watch some truly inspiring people put together awesome things.

A simple leadership lesson for me and to other Presales leaders – run a conference and educate the team on how and why things should be done and they will listen. Let them run the conference, give them autonomy and resources and you can then watch them grow, inspire each other and produce something truly unique.

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